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Don’t take the risk to drive a vehicle with expired registration on the road of TAS, check your registration status now!

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Over 375,000 drivers

licensed in Tasmania (TAS), according to the Department of State Growth (Transport) . Being a high traffic tourist attraction, it also means there is a high number of drivers from out of state on the roads at any given time as well.

With so many drivers (and passengers) on TAS roads, the Tasmanian Government have laws in place to help ensure the safety of its drivers and passengers alike.

One of the most commonly used safety check in TAS is to ensure that car registrations are up to date.

A TAS rego check will tell you whether a car is registered or not, whether it’s been in a major accident and been deemed a write off. It also tells you the sale history of the car.

  • Check whether a vehicle is registered in Tasmania

  • Check car rego expiry date

  • Check Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and expiry date

  • Check any registration restrictions in TAS

  • Confirm the vehicle model and body type

FAQ about TAS rego check

The law is that interstate-registered vehicles that remain in Tasmania for a continuous period of longer than three months become unregistered at the end of that period. This applies to all vehicles, including motorcycles and trailers.

From 1 July 2021, Tasmanian drivers will be able to choose to pay their rego bill quarterly, or to keep going with the existing six-monthly or yearly payment options.

A vehicle can be registered in joint names when: You first register a vehicle, by: Recording two operators on the “Application for registration (MR 205)” form.

To register a vehicle you need to: Have a pre-registration inspection at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS).


How do I register my vehicle?

AIS inspection report.

Licence or other evidence of identity.

Documentation required to prove your eligibility for a concession (if appropriate).

Driving Unregistered Vehicle in Tasmania — For Inspection/Registration is OK. The law is pretty liberal in Tasmania. You can drive an unregistered vehicle even to somewhere to be repaired if it failed an inspection.

You may pay be phone by calling 1300 366 775. Payment numbers for three month registrations are available for vehicles where the registration expires from 1 July 2021. You are unable to use the six or 12 monthly payment numbers to pay quarterly.

The vehicle can be driven in Tasmania on current interstate registration for up to three months. Have your vehicle inspected at an Approved Inspection Station. … Tasmanian licence or other evidence of identity.


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